Compact Innovation Avenues (CIA) is a firm formed recognising the importance and place of innovation in the modern business landscape. With so many business models floating around and with the internet keeping very little secrets, the concept of “ how you are doing what you are doing ” is assuming far greater significance than "what your are doing". Innovation has thus become a key driver of business, let alone growth.

CIA focusses on innovation in various business aspects, while attempting to address societal issues. The larger objective is to rope in students and young entrepreneurs into a business ecosystem with various complementing businesses, all bringing in innovation to varying extent.

While several organisations have a separate innovation vision, we intend to have innovation in our mainstay vision, thus capturing the spirit and importance of innovation in todays business scenario.

Recycledpaper.in is a vertical devoted to champion the usage of Ethical paper, India’s no 1 branded recycled paper and making it a viable and first choice alternative to mainstream white/ regular/ virgin pulp paper.

About SPAK

Ethical paper is manufactured by SPAK Paper, based out of Perundorai, TamilNadu.

SPAK is a leading manufacturer of recycled Kraft papers and boards, established in 2007 by young techno-savvy entrepreneurs, with spread of 30,000 sq ft production unit. SPAK produces a wide spectrum of Recycled papers ranging from Kraft paper, Eco friendly Copier Paper, Eco Friendly Notebooks and Dining Rolls.