What are the benefits of using ethical paper ?


  • Every kilogram of ethical paper used saves xx kgs of virgin wood, and xx litres of water and saves xx energy when compared to virgin paper.
  • Green house gases reduced since the waste paper is reused instead of getting composted
  • Reduced landfill logistics


Plugin your CSR activities with usage of ethical paper and engage your stakeholders on a social journey. Walk the talk by implementing recycled paper, constantly reminding the users about the larger vision towards environment.


Score instant brownie points from your customers, clients & stakeholders with your commitment to environment.

Why is white considered an ecological crime ?

Many products, when made to be white in appearance , come with a huge cost – of either environment or health.

  • Take the case of sugar – where the brown ‘mineral’ sugar or the raw cane sugar is now advocated.
  • Maida is a white element that is stripped out of fibres of wheat, that compromises on our health.
  • Bread – the world is now recognising the importance of brown bread, against the white.
  • White cloth comes at a big environmental cost, through chemicals, bleaching etc.
  • The whiter the paper, more the bleaching chemicals, more the water utilised .

How does paper contribute to deforestation?

Felling of trees for the wood fibre required for paper is the apparent and obvious action that leads to deforestation. Also, regular paper uses wood fibre from mono-culture, manmade plantations, that replaces our native forests which has biodiversity. These plantations are not a bio ecosystem and contributes indirectly but largely to the deforestation activities.

Can I use ethical paper for all uses that I am using today?

Largely yes. However, we would discourage the use of ethical paper for fair copies of documents ( contracts/agreements etc.), brochures/marketing collaterals and for packing edible items.

How good is ethical paper for printing?

Its almost as good as natural paper, but definitely a shade lower because it is not bleached and hence not that extra bright and white. However, for monochromatic printing, the difference is not noticeable. It can be used for multi-colour printing too, but the difference will be there, due to the sheer difference in the brightness of the base component.

Can I get recycled paper for my printing press for offset?

We can supply products, other than our standard sizes for your printing needs as well. A2, A1, A0 paper can be supplied. Contact us for bulk requirements.

Can the copier paper be fed into printers?

Yes. In inkjets, laser jets, high speed copier paper machines and almost all the modern printing machines.

What kind of paper is being used for recycling?

Paper given to the old paper traders that includes used notebooks, text books, photocopied white sheets, question papers, answer sheets sold by the schools, waste coming from printing presses, photocopying shops

How is ethical paper different from the recycled paper available in the market?

There are a few plants that uses waste paper and bleaches out the ink component and makes a recycled paper, but they don’t recycle the water. They cannot Ethical paper not only recycles paper, but also recycles the water required with our innovation, that makes it most eco-friendly.

What kinds of customisation can I get?

Ethical paper is customisable to a very large extent , mostly dependant on the volume.

Thickness: Currently, copier papers are available in 80 gsm , the writing paper ( pads,notes etc.) are in 60 gsm, while the visiting cards are in 300 gsm. Any other thickness – can be made but for a very large volume. > 15-20 tons

Colour: the base colour of ‘natural shade’ is currently available. Soon, we will have 4 more shades of pink, green, brown and yellow. Again, we need a minimum quantity of production > 20 tons for customisation.

Size: The paper rolls can be cut and packaged to any size apart from the standard sizes available off the shelf. For minimum quantity, please call for details. In general, about 1500- 2000 notebooks should be the right quantity.

Rulings etc.: Currently the note books and notepads are available in unruled and ruled. In case of other variations like 4 ruled/ squares etc. for notebooks, it can be done, for a minimum quantity . Pl call for details

Printing All notebooks are available as a choice of unprinted / pre-printed with ethical paper branding. In case your own branding ( logo/ image/ text) is required, we can do the same for a minimum quantity of 2000 nos of any particular size. Pl call for details.

What are the disadvantages of using ethical paper?

  1. Paper will not be as bright and white. It will have a tinge of colour
  2. It will not have the same strength as the virgin paper ( measured as burst factor) Not recommended for contracts, agreements, high end branding collaterals etc.

What is the Delivery time?

  • Normal delivery time : 4 working days;
  • Bulk requirement : 7-8 working days
  • Customised product : 10-15 working days

What are the current Service area?

Currently the products are available in Bangalore only.

Does the product have any certifications?

Spak recycled Paper is authenticated by World Wide Fund (WWF), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Greenpeace. The recycled paper offered now is from the same plant, using the similar raw materials and the same process, branded as “Ethical paper”