Ethical paper can almost substitute the regular papers in most cases, if not all. The few cases , where it is not appropriate would be – for contracts/ agreements/bonds, for packing food and for glossy printing. Thumbs up for recycled paper, for all other use cases.

And the products are not just plain paper, but a whole range that caters to various segments. With innovation as the engine for growth , we have many more coming up to add up to the product palette.

Just stir up your imagination and tell us what you would like , and if the volume is good, we can get it done.

The final objective is to reduce the footprints of the normal paper after all.

What Ethical paper products can you use?

Institutions Corporates Hotels Printing presses Photocopier shops Caterers Stationery shops Restaurants
Copier Paper
Conference pads
Paper bags
Paper dining pads / rolls
Printing paper ( large)

More products in the portfolio and more coming up.

The end product can be customised as per your requirements : print, size, base colour, packaging, & more

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